BDSM BF videos part 5

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BDSM BF videos part 4

Ever had your cock and balls covered by a hot wax drop by drop? It’s not something just everybody can enjoy, but his boy had no choice, because his friend tied him up really well and there was no escape. Pleading for mercy had no effect either and he got to enjoy the sweet sensation of being helpless while sexually tortured. And that’s just one story out of hundreds!


BDSM BF videos part 3

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BDSM BF videos part 2

Huge cages, degrading positions and inventions to tease the balls and other parts of the body are the things we use daily. We learned how to turn strong men into a pathetic sex toys for our entertainment and you can watch it happen on your screen every day! Ever stuck a huge hose into your boyfriend’s tight asshole? Wonder what to do with it? Than join us and enjoy the show!


BDSM BF videos part 1

Nothing beats a little harmless BDSM fun with your boyfriend, so why not make a video out of it? We have tons of hardcore movies starring handsome guys degraded into sex toys without their own will and you will get to enjoy it to the max! There are no limits to the imagination and we make sure to try new and inventive ways to turn our boys into slaves every day!